At Joy Of Framing we take the time needed to consult with our clients to ensure we satisfy their esthetic requirements and the correct presentation and preservation of the item to be framed. With our design experience and large selection of materials our staff are pleased to suggest design ideas that meet our client’s vision of the finished frame.

Our Clients

We frame items for homes, offices and as gifts. Some of the things we frame for individuals are: family heirlooms, paintings, photos, needle works, sports awards and jerseys, certificates, diplomas, newspaper clippings, posters, war medals, poems, letters, invitations, baby clothing, and artwork acquired traveling.

Artists and Art collectors
We may frame a single original artwork or a complete exhibition. Some of the art mediums we frame are: photography, artwork on paper, canvases, wood, fabric, ceramics, metal, glass, bark, leather, ivory, bone, enamel, and stone.

Corporate and Institutions
We frame things for Companies and Institutions, local and international. Some of the things we frame for them are: original artworks, reproductions, office decorations, certifications, awards, trade and promotional posters, group photos, gifts, commemorative items and photos.

Interior Designers and Decorators
We collaborate with Interior Designers and Decorators on many projects.

Store Hours

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